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The Kiturami Group is taking a leap toward becoming a global integrated heating and air conditioning energy group.

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Holding Company

In November 2019, the Kiturami Group established Kiturami Holdings Company for the purpose of improving transparency with simpler governance structure, enhancing management efficiency, and strengthening its capabilities through responsible management. We develop and execute strategies needed by the Kiturami Group in the 21st century and provide generous support in performance management, legal, finance, HR and PR areas so that all subsidiaries could concentrate their resources better into their main businesses. Through these activities, the Kiturami Group is making 100% effort to become a global heating and cooling energy group and produce maximum business performance.

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Heating Business

For the past 50 years, we have successfully led the local production of boilers using domestic technologies, modernized South Korea's ondol heating culture, and spearheaded the globalization efforts. We created new demand for energy in response to the rapid changes taking place in the global energy markets. As the leader of South Korea's heating industry, we will work hard to supply eco-friendly, highly efficient energy and equipment and create a warmer, safer residential environment.

  • Kiturami Boiler
    As the leader of South Korea's boiler industry, we develop technologies, upgrade product quality to acceptable levels, and manage customer satisfaction.
  • Nanokem
    A company that specializes in state-of- the-art electronics and precision components.
  • Kiturami Energy
    An energy specialist company that aims for world-class safety levels as well as the highest values.
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Air-conditioning Business

Thanks to ceaseless R&D, aggressive investments in facilities, and deployment of a peerless quality management system, we are emerging as a global heating and cooling air conditioning company. From home air conditioners to high-technology air conditioners needed by semiconductor plants, nuclear power plants, and ships, we make all kinds of heating and air conditioner products ourselves. We have become a leader of the heating and air conditioner market by supplying our products to markets across the world.

  • Kiturami Bumyang Cooling
    A leader of South Korea's refrigeration and air conditioner industry
  • Shinsung Engineering
    A company that provides total refrigeration and air conditioning solution using low-carbon, renewable energy.
  • Century
    A company that specializes in state-of-the-art refrigeration and air conditioning system for use in nuclear power plants, shipbuilding yards, and overseas plants.
  • Kiturami Machinery Company
    Realize customer satisfaction through production, installation, pilot operation, and maintenance & repair services for industrial freezing machinery.
  • Kiturami Environment Technology
    A company that pursues a clean, convenient living environment.
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Leisure eating out Business

Kiturami also provides services that enrich the lives of customers and provide them with healthy lifestyles. They include Hantan River Country Club and Hantan River Park Hotel, which boast of natural scenery in Cheollwon, Gangwondo as one of South Korea's most famous green belt areas, In Seoul 27 Golf Club as Seoul's first public golf club, Kiturami Clean Tennis Court featuring South Korea's only floor ventilation system, and Dr. Robin's healthy food that uses no artificial seasonings, sugar, or butter. We will popularize luxurious leisure and dining out culture by continuing to create innovative, differentiated services that break stereotypes.

  • Hantan River Country Club
    The best zero-pollution country club in South Korea that provides fresh air and beautiful scenery to golfers.
  • Hantan River Spa Hotel
    A total resort where nature is alive and breathing and which is comparable to Hokkaido, Japan
  • In Seoul 27 Golf Club
    A 27-hole golf club in Gangseo District of Seoul that is environment-friendly and located in an urban setting.
  • Kiturami Clean Tennis Court
    An environment-friendly tennis court where fresh indoor air and comfortable environment are well-balanced.
  • Dr. Robbin
    Well-being food Dr. Robbin, the brand that thinks about health, feast of flavors, and even the aesthetic elements.
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Media Business

Through the creation of a fair and fast reporting system and the production of competitive contents about local communities, we are contributing to the promotion of sound local government culture and rich cultural lives of the residents in local communities and creating model cases of local civilian broadcasting. We shall spend a considerable amount of resources on developing contents that reflect the changes taking place in the media market and faithfully fulfill our role as the eyes and ears of the 6 million residents of the Daegu Kyungbuk region.

  • TBC Daegu Broadcasting
    Regional civilian broadcasting

From being a top specialist in heating and cooling, Kiturami Group has grown to be an integrated energy group

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