For over half a century since its foundation, Kiturami has been an ardent defender of principles like honesty, diligence, and humility. We at Kiturami are waiting for you.

Kiturami Group's ideal candidate


Wise decision making, trust earning, courageous, and principled.

A Kiturami employee must have the qualities of being wise, trustworthy, benevolent, courageous, and principled.

  • Knowledge

    A person who can respond nimbly to changes in the environment and create new values through continuous self-development and innovation.

  • Trust

    A person who respects the values of others and earns their trust. A person who is diligent and considerate of others and who builds trust.

  • Benevolence

    A person who seeks to achieve common goals with an attitude that is considerate and cooperative.

  • Courage

    A person who is not afraid of failure when pioneering new areas, a person who tackles challenges with a positive mindset.

  • Principled

    A person of unwavering principle and precision

Careers Process

We welcome people who can pursue their dreams with passion.

Hiring Periods
  1. 01 Group recruitment: After a hiring plan is finalized, it is posted in a recruitment notice.
  2. 02 All-year round recruitment: When a job vacancy occurs, the company posts a job opening notice for people with experience. Those who pass the document screening are notified individually.
Hiring process
  1. STEP 01
    Application document processing
  2. STEP 02
    Application document screening
  3. STEP 03
  4. STEP 04
    Health checkup
  5. STEP 05
    Final qualification
Screening process
  1. 01 Application document screening :
  2. 02 Interview : For those who pass the document screening, the 1st interview is conducted by working-level staff, and the 2nd interview is conducted by executives.
    First Interview :
    Basic practical skills and job performance skills are evaluated through interviews by working-level staff. The basic skill level and expertise needed for performing a job are evaluated.
    Second Interview :
    Basic personality and qualities are evaluated by executives based on the application documents and results of the document screening.

Careers Notice

From being a top specialist in heating and cooling, Kiturami Group has grown to be an integrated energy group

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