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Kiturami is going to raise the temperature of love by 1˚C to make this world warmer and to make our society a place where people take care of each other!

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Introduction to social contribution activities

Based on the social contribution philosophy espoused by founder Choi Jin-min who believed that "at least a minimum level of education must be guaranteed for all and education opportunities should be equal for everyone," the Kiturami Group created the Kiturami Cultural Foundation in 1985 to begin social contribution activities; since then, it has donated 45 billion won to society over the past 34 years.

The Kiturami Welfare Foundation was established in 2003, during which the operations of the social welfare facility, facilities for the disabled, nurseries, nursing homes, and services for elderly people living alone that had been handled by the Cultural Foundation were transferred to the new organization. The Welfare Foundation has improved the operation of social volunteer activities, and it is setting examples of how such activities can be carried out systematically and sustainably.

In addition, the employee volunteer team and the housewives volunteer team organized and launched voluntarily by the employees of the Kiturami Group and their families provide volunteer work (2~3 times a month for a total of 600 activities in a year) to about 20 social welfare facilities across the country.

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Key activities

Introduction to education, culture, sports support programs
Scholarship program

To realize founder Choi's social contribution philosophy of "equal education opportunities for everyone," the Kiturami Foundation has been helping youngsters in economically disadvantaged households fulfill their dreams. For a span of 34 years since 1985, Kiturami has awarded 28.4 billion won in scholarships to 50,000 students across the country including not just academically promising students but also students from low-income families and boys/girls who are the main breadwinners in their families.

Academic research program

Since 1994, the Kiturami Group has been involved as well in raising national competitiveness in basic science. As part of this effort, we provide 7.2 billion won in scholarships through an academic research support program. We give preferential consideration to engineering students who could contribute to the industrial development of the country. Meanwhile, in order to spur the development of creative engineering technologies, we established the NAEK Grand Prize, Young Engineer Award in 1997, and we have been providing monetary assistance for 23 years.

Educational institute support program

In order to provide a foundation on which future generations could receive high-quality education through a better environment and promote industry-academe development by coordinating research and organic sharing of information between schools and enterprises, we have been operating since 1997 a 1.3 billion won fund (Educational Institution Development Fund) for improving the quality of education as well the educational environment.

Education, culture, and sports support program

Since 2000, the Kiturami Group has been providing assistance to a select number of artistic organizations dedicated to the promotion of Korean culture and arts as well as athletes showing promise in their respective sports. We also sponsor and organize numerous sports events both small and large, contributing to expanding the customer base of culture, art, and sports and incubating a pool of human

Introduction to key social welfare activities

Social welfare facility support program

Through the Employee Volunteer Team and Housewife Volunteer Team, the Kiturami Group has been providing volunteer work (2~3 times a month for a total of 600 activities in a year) at the Samdong Boys' Village in Mapo-gu for the past 25 years as well as Gyonam House in Gangseo-gu and Eunpyeong-gu Senior Welfare Center and 20 other social welfare centers.

The Kiturami Group visits facilities for infants and children/youths as well as the elderly and the physically disabled to donate daily necessities and strives to provide practical aid such as doing laundry, cleaning, and bathing.

We even pay regular monthly visits to facilities in provincial cities that are hard to reach. In these small cities, we provide volunteer work like kimchi making, wallpaper hanging, outdoor trips, and attendance to cultural events. Through our diverse volunteer activities, we are creating a happy world for the people we are helping.

Medical expense support program

Through the medical expense support program, we at the Kiturami Group are giving the gift of happy and healthy lives to those in the vulnerable segments of our society who are not receiving medical care benefits because they lack the financial means.

We have become a beacon of hope to those with limited financial resources who are suffering from health problems. Starting with eye surgery support for the visually impaired in 2001, we have expanded the program to cover dental treatment expenses for the physically disabled, financial support for low-income people who have to undergo heart surgery due to some cardiovascular diseases (2011), and financial support for surgeries to implant artificial joints (2014).

Heating facility support program

We provide heating equipment such as boilers and hot water mats so that some of our poor and disadvantaged neighbors could spend the winter season more warmly and safely. Through regular follow-up management, we are creating a warm world where people take care of each other.

In particular, we provide support to welfare facilities in poor conditions such as subsidizing kimchi making expense and fuel expenses for heating, replacing old heating equipment with new ones, inspecting gas facilities, installing wallpaper, and carrying out the remodeling of old facilities.

Banghwa 6 Social Welfare Center

In 2006, the Kiturami Group and Banghwa 6 social welfare center became affiliated when a women's social charity group from Kiturami provided volunteer bathing services to the residents of the welfare center. Since then, the company has been visiting the center to provide volunteer activities like doing the laundry, cleaning the environment, providing mobility assistance to the elderly, preparing meals, and washing dishes, demonstrating how neighbors should look out for each other.

Especially after 2016 when the Kiturami Group was entrusted with the operation of the Banghwa 6 Social Welfare Center, we have assumed a leadership role in resolving welfare issues in local communities.

Warming Up Korea

In 2007, the Kiturami Group started to help people in disadvantaged segments spend the winter season more warmly and spread the culture of sharing by joining hands with Korea Gas Safety Corporation to launch Warming Up! Korea, a joint volunteer group.

During a 3~4-week period every November before the cold front really arrives in the country, the joint volunteer group visits the homes of the elderly who are living by themselves and facilities that take care of children, elderly, and people with physical disabilities. On these visits, the group checks the conditions of the boiler and replaces it when necessary, gives them winter supplies, makes improvements to the living environment, and helps them prepare for winter like making kimchi.

From being a top specialist in heating and cooling, Kiturami Group has grown to be an integrated energy group

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